Photo   D on Hudson

Photo Don Hudson

2018 Event/Tour Dates

January 26-28, Garage Brewed Motorcycle Show, Cincinnati, OH
February 23-25, Mama Tried Show, Milwaukee, WI
April 14, The Congregation Show, Charlotte, NC
April 20-22, Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, Austin, TX
May 9, The Moto Social - Season Opener, Chicago, IL
June 13, The Moto Social - Colectivo Coffee Logan Square, Chicago, IL
June 21, Motoblot 2018 Kickstart Block Party at Federal Moto, Chicago, IL
June 22-24, Motoblot, Chicago, IL
July 6-8, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, Lexington, OH
July 11, The Moto Social, Damn Fine Coffee, Chicago, IL
July 26-29, Fuel Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
August 8, The Moto Social, Location TBA, Chicago, IL
September 12, The Moto Social - Season Finale, Location TBA, Chicago, IL


2018 Group Rides