1974 Honda CB750K Four / FOR SALE

This bike was a curse for us – our 'Dark Passenger' that always seemed to be there, never going away. Everyone who's ever tinkered with bikes knows the story: you buy a cool old bike, probably over-pay for it, and ride it for awhile until it inevitably starts to have problems. In this case, the engine literally blew up (the cam ate up the head) and the bike sat while we grew our business. We'd work on it every once in awhile, but couldn't find the time to give it a proper treatment, and about a year went by with the engine untouched. The deeper we went into it, the worse the problems were, turns out that the previous owner had attempted a cafe build, but screwed up almost every part on the bike. 3 years later, it's finally finished.

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Photographed by Juan Francisco and Daniel Peter