Get It Fixed & Back on the Road - Service

Nothing's worse than having a bike down when you’re ready to take a ride. Our team of professional technicians can address any issues your bike is having including:
- Safety inspections
- Basic maintenance
- Full-service repairs
- Parts/upgrades
- Collision recovery
- Engine & transmission rebuilds

We’ll even work with your insurance company to get you rolling again. Don't miss out on any sunny riding days, submit a Service Request to get started immediately.

Have it your way - Customization

Want to make your bike truly yours? Aside from our line of full custom rides, we offer a full gamut of piecemeal customization services:
- Seat hoops
- Battery boxes
- Wiring & lighting
- Wheel building
- Front end swaps
- Brake upgrades
- Engine tuning
- Aftermarket parts installation
- Parts fabrication

Want something you don’t see here? We can probably do it. Contact us and let’s start the conversation on how you’d like your bike modified. For full custom projects, please fill out a Build Inquiry.

Put It Away for the Winter - Storage

Need your bike safely stored away? Our secure, insured, climate-controlled, and fully staffed facility is conveniently located in the West Loop!
- Full maintenance & safety inspection
- Fuel system stabilization
- Carburetor drainage
- Battery testing & charging
- Cleaning for pickup
- Unlimited in & out (with 3 day notice)
- Service deals available during storage

Don't get left out in the cold! Open to all makes and models and space is limited so submit a reservation request today to get your booking in early.